Benefits of dark chocolate
History of Chocolate
Is chocolate good for you?
Negative effects of chocolate
More negative effects of chocolate


Mythology Webquest

Word Study Activities


Large selection of words and categories in this classic game to develop vocabulary.


Poem Pack
Ten colourful poems with animation, audio and activities – featuring Daisy the snail, the toad and the goat, and friends.


Ten vowel patterns, (some r-controlled). Given a word with a blank in the middle, select missing vowel pattern. Picture clue also provided.


Snap It
Look carefully at the cards to see if they match. When you see a pair click Snap! But don’t get Snap happy – if you get it wrong, you lose a point. Use the slow/fast slider to increase the challenge. Faster is harder but you get more Snaps!


Help Wordblender make words by choosing a start sound and an end sound to blend together. Wordblender will tell you if your are right or not. You might even be able to make some new words that don’t exist!

Beverly Cleary

  Beverly Cleary

Tall Tales Webquest

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